Welcome to Cod on the Cast.

Cod on the Cast is a blog that I, Joe Press, have designed and worked on to show the public and internet fishing community the gear that I am using, the fish that I am catching and the techniques that I use to catch the fish that I do.

Now of course the majority of the reports I will give and techniques that I’ll show will be based around fishing for Murray Cod ‘on the cast’ referring to lures being cast to snags and structures rather then trolled. This is where I believe the fisherman is proved most as luck only plays a minor role and lure choice and placement (accuracy) plays a major role in deciding whether you do tangle with one of our great greenfish.

I try to keep my audience up to date with my fishing adventures in the Blog section where I post up fishing reports and techniques. Which is forever expanding and being updated after most trips.

Under the Reviews section you will be able to find Combo Reviews, individual Rod Reviews and soon enough I will have up a section on Reel Reviews.

For those through for just a quick browse and not after much of a read there is also a Gallery where there is an Image Gallery where I have uploaded a mixture of photos of some of the greater or more interesting fish I’ve caught and different sights that I’ve seen. There is also a Video Gallery, however this too is still a work in progress. It is here that I will be archiving the different videos on techniques and fishing footage.

The Articles section is where I will be keeping copies of articles that I’ve written and copies of articles that I’ve posted on other sites in either competitions or to show my work.

Please feel free to check back in from time to time as the blog is still very much a work in progress and is constantly being updated and changed.

Also all feedback is welcome as I love to hear how my blog is coming along, your thoughts and opinions, how I can improve my posting and formatting as well as any other suggestions you might have.

Thank you very much.

Cheers, Joe.


10 responses

19 05 2011

Good o you Pressy the blog looks great, I’ll be droping in from time to time to check it out.

19 05 2011

Thanks mate, I will make sure to always be updating the blog and doing new reports when I can.

Cheers, Joe.

20 05 2011

Good site Joe, got it listed in favourites. Keep up the good work.

1 06 2011

good stuff buddy… passion for fishing! done with respect.
keep up the good work.

2 07 2011

great stuff mate on my favs now …… cheers aaron

2 07 2011

Thanks for your comments guys. I will keep updating when I can, biggest problem is it is bloody winter and the time to fish and the fish are hard to come by.

Thanks again.

Cheers, Joe.

31 08 2011
Greg Murphy

Hi Joe,nice job you have done here,i’ll have a squiz every so often,regards murph….

11 02 2012
come on spinner

keep up the good work got you in my favorites

17 04 2012
Phil Alder

Hi Joe great blog. Well done in developing this. We gets lots of information on what is happening in Victoria so it is good to see what is happening in NSW. Please let everyone know they can buy online at wholesale at http://www.bozos.com.au

14 06 2012

Great job joe well done !!!

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