Gladiator Cape Yorker 1.2m, 8-10kg Kayak Rod

With the introduction of the Mantra Noa kayak into my fishing arsenal of course the next thing on the list would be a rod to go along with it.

When fishing from a kayak you can access much more difficult and secluded areas which opens up so many opportunities when casting lures for cod. However getting to these areas can be very difficult and dangerous gear wise, certainly for your typical length rods. This is where the Gladiator Cape Yorker comes into play, at only 1.2m (4ft) this rod is easily tucked away anywhere in your kayak and there is no need to worry about tips getting caught and snapping or rods being pulled from their holders.

Being as short as the rod is you will lose casting distance, not actually a great amount, but in a kayak you do have the ability and advantage of being able to easily place and maneuver yourself in as close or as far away from snags as you would like so this doesn’t greatly disadvantage you.

Also what you do lose in distance you well and truly make up for in accuracy, I find that throwing pin point accurate casts becomes much easier with the more direct contact you have when casting such a small rod.

Not only does the rod have its advantages when fishing from the kayak and other obvious advantages such as ease of storage and carting around this rod is also mighty helpful and easy to use when walking river banks. Being as short as the rod is you’re easily able to avoid overhanging tree limbs or large grass mounds which are often along river banks and can make casting very challenging at times. You are even able to learn a complete underarm cast which after a little practice can become a very handy technique.

The model I’ve got is the 8-10kg, much heavier then what I would normally be using but this smaller rod still has a very slim blank and whippy tip for its weight range which works in perfectly when casting hardbodies and spinnerbaits.

I can strongly recommend these small yet handy rods to anyone who is a kayak fisherman in smaller rivers and creeks and anybody who fishes landbased along banks which are normally very difficult to fish using a normal length rod.


One response

3 03 2013

great when walking the banks of heavily overgrown creeks and again
when fishing in a tinny, have 2 are are tough

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