Gladiator SSS Spin 2.1m 2-4kg w/ Banax Snake Skin Spin 800

The latest combo which I have got my hands on comes in the form of a Gladiator Snake Skin Sports Spin 2.1m, 2-4kg rod matched perfectly to a Banax Snake Skin Spin 800 size reel.

This latest combo has been the answer I have been looking for in my quest to finding the perfect rod for all round use, however an article on that specifically can be found at Hunt For The ‘All Rounder’ Part 1.

Being an all most full-time baitcast user I was thinking that it might be a bit difficult at first to get back into the hang of using the more simplistic spinning gear however this was not a problem with the new rod and reel which made life so much easier as settling back in was a breeze.

At 2-4kg the rod is just light enough and has the perfect action to cast even the most smallest of lures at smaller finicky fish but at the same time is heavy enough for casting medium and larger lures at our native fish which will be where this combo will spend most of it’s time.

One large advantage of the reel that is matched to the rod is that it was designed and developed to do so which means this rod and reel combo is made for each other and this really is proven when using this great combo. The reel comes with 7 ball bearings and a smooth yet powerful 8kg drag system which is plenty to turn almost every fish around. The reel also has a giant line capacity with holding 2/220 or 4/110 (kg/metres) however you should never need close to this amount of line.

This combo comes very fairly priced at anywhere from $105 – $130 for the rod and rrp $90 for the reel to match.


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