I’ve Got The Bug

As far as fishing goes in no matter what scenario my lure choice shows that ‘I have the bug’.

Found in my local area is a range of lures known as Hydrobug lures. This range incorporates a few different shapes and styles suiting the lures to nearly all aspects of fishing, certainly in freshwater. The lures range from as small as 42mm in the Dytiscus right through to 120mm+ in the Severn Chances.

The Range

The range of lures lined out largest to smallest

The Lures


Hydrobug Dytiscus

At the bottom of the range is the little devil itself, the Dytiscus. This small 42mm lure has a small round body with a bib nearly as big as the lure itself. This bib size in comparison to the body allows for a very strong action even at the very slowest of speeds making this small offering look irresistible to almost anything in the water. But this is no lure to be judged by its size, these tiny lures have been the undoing of many Murray Cod and Yellowbelly for years. These lures will catch nearly everything swimming around from Murray Cod to Bream, Yellowbelly to Bass, Redfin to Eel-tailed Catfish, the list just goes on!

Monster Eel-tailed Catfish on a Dytiscus


Hydrobug Skimmer

Next in the line is another smaller lure coming in at about 50mm. This small thinner profiled lure has a much smaller bib in comparison to the Dytiscus giving it a much tighter action, more associated with trout fishing and in the short time I’ve been using these lures that is where I have used them to success. However I can see them being perfectly suited to fishing for smaller species such as Bream, Redfin, Yellowbelly and Bass.

Trout on Hydrobug Skimmer


Hydrobug Chaser – Shallow Bib

Hydrobug Chaser – Deep Bib

Moving up the line again we come to another long, thinner lure that measures in at about 68mm. This lure comes in two different bib options, one running shallow and the other running deeper. These lures dive very quickly and have a reasonably tight action but still enough to entice natives such as Murray Cod and Yellowbelly. When fishing in tight to deeper snags and when after Yellowbelly this lure is my first option. It also works extremely well being trolled at almost any speed, but that is not what I’m about.

Large Yellowbelly caught on Hydrobug Chaser


Hydrobug Jerimiah

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Now getting up there in the bigger lures we have the Jerimiah. This lure is a bit larger at about 82mm and like the Chaser has two bib options but this time one diving and the other a surface bib. The diving lure does not have an overly large bib and can only reach depths at a bit quicker pace but the lure can still be ran perfectly at any depth. The bib shape and positioning allows for an erratic bit wider action that is irresistible to both hungry and territorial Murray Cod of all sizes. Being a bit larger and wider then other lures it is an obvious offering for Murray Cod but still a lure which accounts for a large number of Yellowbelly.

Large river Murray Cod caught on Hydrobug Jerimiah

The surface option allows for the use of these lures on top of the water in search for the signature, adrenaline rushing, surface strike of a Murray Cod. The lures are of a size that’s of easy interest to smaller and larger fish. The action of the lure is not a large loud action as more commonly seen on this type of lure but more of a subtle popping side to side, gaining the attention of even shy fish. On top of that the placement of hooks both on the ‘tail’ of the lure and one on each side allows for a greater hook up rate then I have found with any other surface lure yet.

Very large river Murray Cod on a Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Severn Chances

Hydrobug Severn Chances

At the top there’s the giant itself, the Severn Chances. This lure comes in at over 120mm and has a massive bib to suit. But unlike most large Murray Cod lures this lure’s not designed to reach freaky depths but more designed to give the widest most irresistible action possible. Even at the slowest of speeds and with whatever retrieve you choose to give it, this lure still works to the maximum giving out a great deal of action. This lure itself has seen the undoing of a countless amount of cod, both big and small. This lure sees itself tied on when I want something that the fish just cannot miss, something that will appear as a large meal or as an invader in a Murray Cod’s territory.

Large river Murray Cod caught on Hydrobug Severn Chances


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