Gladiator SSS 1.65m 2kg w/ Banax Avalon

New Combo Backyard Review

Arriving in the mail was a new Gladiator Snake Skin Sports 1.65m, 2kg baitcast rod and a Banax Avalon reel. I could not wait to put the two together and ‘break it in’.
I loaded the Avalon up with some 15kg mono backing to 10kg Gladiator Bonzai braid followed to about 6′ of ASSO Big  Catch fluorocarbon leader and headed out the backyard to ‘break in’ the new set up.

Gladiator Bonzai 100% Dyneema Braid & ASSO Big Catch 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

After some work and getting used to the rod it was unreal. The rod is only 1.65m and it well and truly outcasts my 6’2″ carrot stix using a 1/2 ounce casting plug. With just the slightest flick of the tip the plug would lightning off into the distance and line would rush off the reel like I haven’t seen before.

The butt of the rod is short but very cleverly designed and my hand sits around it perfectly to grasp the best grip of the trigger. The blank itself is very light and whippy which makes it perfect for casting spinnerbaits.

The reel holds more braid then any native fisherman will ever need and casts extremely well and working back through the magnetic brake you can cast mile with ease.

Gladiator Snake Skin Sports 5'6" 2kg matched with Banax Avalon

I recommend at least once giving these Snake Skin rods a go as they truly are spectacular and value for money.

Rod retails for around $105 – $130,  reel also retailing around $130 mark.

Cheers, Joe.


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19 05 2011
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