Sluggish Winter Murray Cod

25 07 2013

I headed out onto a s bit of small, shallow and clear river for a solo session walking the river bank and wading through the river itself. The fish were overall quiet but persistence and putting the lure in the correct place seen 16 small Murray Cod to 61cm landed.

The fish that were tempted however, were extremely aggressive in striking with ever hit turned into a hook up and only one fish dropped for the entire session.

Following is a collage of the fish caught as well as two videos, one of a small Cod I found hiding beneath a rock and the other of me catching a few of the little Cod.

001 collage (1)


The Drought Is Broken

3 04 2013

After a week at Windamere and Burrendong seeing only one Golden and one Redfin both to Romen, I was extremely anxious to get back to my home grounds and fish the river. Today one of my best mates, Tyson, and I managed a quick session on the surface.

The first fish of the trip was caught almost as soon as we began, taking the lure on the ‘splash down’ off the surface.


Once reaching the part of water I was planning to fish, I was quick to find a fish to hit the surface lure at my feet but fail to hook up. Walking further along the water we find a snag pile which often produces quality fish, I cast parallel to the bank where I am “BOOFED” solidly, but failed to hook up. Next cast through the same place and the fish came back again, this time hooking up and fighting extremely hard amongst the submerged structure. A bit of maneuvering along the log was reguired, but the fish was soon enough landed, measured (69cm), photographed and released again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATime passed too quickly with a number more small boofs at our lures which also failed to hook up, so we made our way back to the ute, however we still fished which seen many small fish hitting us and chasing us and Tyson eventually hooking into another legal Cod which put up quite a fight at our feet.



On my way to Windamere for 2 and a half days, followed by Burrendong for 4 and a half! Watch this space!

23 03 2013


Caught off the same snag as the last fish posted, this was the 2nd Cod over 60cm to come off a single snag when fishing the surface during the day in dirty water. This Cod was the second biggest coming in at 660mm and being Cod number 150 for the season!

26 02 2013


Fishing surface during the day, in dirty water, I managed to pull 4 Cod from a single snag. 3 of which went over that 60cm mark, this being the biggest.

26 02 2013


Yet another great looking river Cod which has fallen victim to a Gangster Lures Mother Frogger!

26 02 2013


Fishing in the rain, one of 9 fish caught, 4 over 70cm.

26 02 2013