Season Update

27 12 2012

Lately I’ve spent less time not fishing then actually fishing and I’ve been having a ball!! I’m currently 27 days into the season and have a tally of 63 cod for the season, 13 above my target for December and well on my way to my overall goal of 150 or even 200 for the season. However, with spending so much time on the water I’ve had no time to update the blog! So here’s a few quick photos to catch up a little.

I hit up  a bit of river on my own one afternoon and finished up landing 13 cod, 2 bigger (60cm and 61cm) on surface as the sun set.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface

Also had one session where we were sight-casting the odd fish in shallows, ending up with 17 cod.

Cod sun-baking (middle of image on sandbank)

Another impressive session seen 35 Cod and 1 Golden


Not to mention all the other sessions with a few fish caught..

Gangster Lures Mother Frogger

Kingfisher Mantis



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