Pindari.. Dropping, Dirty and Productive!!

27 12 2012

I don’t often spend too much time up at the dam, however after some success last season I’ve decided to spend a bit more time getting to know the dam and learn how to fish impoundments.. The dam has been releasing large amounts of cold, dis-coloured water lately which has been making the river below difficult to fish, meaning that I am often left with the dam to fish. The dam however, as it drops but also gets occasional large in-flows the water clarity drops and algae levels rise and drop, often off turning conditions.

However I’ve started with kayaking around a bit. I’ve managed to run into one good fish from the kayak in the past which towed me around shortly before I pulled the hooks, however it wasn’t until a short session Sunday just passed that I managed to really find the fish. Casting large spinnerbaits amongst the standing timber I managed my first kayak Cod from the dam.

Gangster Lures Mother Frogger

This was then followed by a decent Golden Perch which attacked the large spinnerbait 10-15 times before finally hooking itself on the stinger hook.

Gangster Lures Mother Frogger

After that successful short session, I was back up the dam today, this time in a small tinny with a small motor allowing for access to parts of the dam otherwise un-fishable. Getting right amongst the timber I was quickly onto a very thick, healthy Cod.

Gangster Lures Mother Frogger

Only another two casts back through the trees and rocks behind me and I was back on to another fat little Cod.


Gangster Lures Mother Frogger

Now working out the sort of structure and banks we had to fish around, we headed off to find another area which was similar. The next place we came across another fish was hooked but then soon dropped. Following this we continued on to find a couple more places to try, the second of which seen another decent fish follow threw hitting the lure a number of times before hooking up solid and battling through the trees..


Gangster Lures Mother Frogger

The numbers may not match the other places which I fish, but the quality of the fish is definitely greater. I can see many more fish and some good fish coming from this great bit of water, stay tuned for more reports and even a few of my growing techniques for impoundment Cod fishing!

Tackle Used:

Rod: Banax Vanessa 6’6″ 2pc 10-14lb
Reel: Banax Syren
Lures: Gangster Lures Mother Frogger




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