A Kayak Before Work

10 12 2012

Not finishing work until after midnight, I was a bit reluctant getting up at 5:30am. But reaching the water to witness a picturesque sunrise over clear, flat water, really made it worth it and got me excited for the morning’s fish before having to be at work by mid-day.

After setting up and paddling around assessing the area that I was planning to fish I stood up on the kayak and proceeded to work along a bank with a decent drop off. My plan of attack was simple, I would just cast a spinnerbait about 1 metre off the bank and allow for it to sink to the bottom before flicking it and retrieving it just off the bottom and along the drop off.

I was soon hit and hooked up solidly to my first fish for the morning. After a quick battle, I pulled the fish into the net and I had my first Cod for the morning, measuring in at 63cm.

Gangster Lures Bidgee Bait

Only a small stretch further up the bank I cast in under a willow allowing my lure to sink right to the bottom. As soon as I began my retrieve the lure was picked up by a fish that felt solid but swam diagonally toward me into the deeper water before escaping the hooks.

I then continued further upstream, to no joy. As time was running out I changed over to a larger lure in the same black and gold pattern. The first willow I came across, I placed half a dozen casts in under before deciding to make ‘one last cast’  before moving on. I would lift the lure off the bottom and then allow it to sink back down before repeating. As the lure almost cleared the willow it was hit twice before I had hooked into my next fish.

This guy was smaller but definitely a bit of a challenge as it ran in amongst all the timber and weeds at the base of the willow. However soon enough I had the fish in the net (for a second time as it jumped out the first). This guy measuring 58cm.

Gangster Lures Mother Frogger

Time was running out so I was doing very little fishing, but as I passed the tree where I lost the fish earlier in the morning I decided to give it another shot. One cast was all that it took and on the drop my lure was smashed and the fish ran and fought solidly. With the rod loading up solid and being dragged into a slightly undercut bank I knew the fish I had connected to had a fair bit of weight behind it. Even in the clear water, it took a fair bit of fighting before I got my first look at the fish, slightly disappointed with the fish not being as big as I expected at first, I was also amazed by how solid and fat it was and impressed with the fight it was putting up.

The fight was not over though as the fish took off along the bank, dragging me along the bank. I was soon getting my shirt and net caught in overhanging blackberry bushes, making fighting the fish much more painful. But soon the fish was giving in and I’d freed myself enough to land him. I quickly paddled to the bank to grab a decent measure and a few photos before release. The fish ended up weighing a very impressive 8kg (9.5kg in a ~1.5kg net) at only 72cm.

Gangster Lures Mother Frogger

Fatty on the mat

Now running behind time, there was no time left to fish so this seen the end to my day of fishing and time to get to work.
But I certainly was pleased with the morning on the water.

However, on a sadder note. While paddling around I came across 2 set-lines which weren’t there a few weeks ago when I was in the same area. Also the bigger fish had a very obvious chunk cut from the side of its mouth where it has done battle with a set-line in the past.

Even those that do manage to escape set-lines, don’t escape unscathed

Lures used: Gangster Lures Black & Gold Bidgee Bait and Mother Frogger




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