First Trip Back Home

8 12 2012

After getting back from disappointing fishing at the Cod Classic, I was more then keen to get out in my local area. After school my first day back, good mate Josh and I were on our way to the river for an afternoon of kayaking and fishing.

After getting to the river a bit too much mucking around was done making for a later start. The session started promising with me missing one fish only a couple of minutes in. However this was was the only sign of active fish for over an hour, apart from watching a Yellowbelly swim around a weed bed.

Josh had parked his kayak on some rocks and was throwing his lure amongst some deeper rocky water. It was not long before he yelled out that he was on and had his first fish for the season.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

As the afternoon was running out the fish came about to be a little more active. Josh was retrieving a large fouled-up lure across the surface when it was hit by a promising fish. Not long after this, flicking into trees lining the riverbank I watched as a pleasing sized fish shot up and attacked my spinnerbait. After a bit of dragging around and maneuvering the fish around rocks I had it in my net, measuring at 67cm I was more then happy with my first river fish for the season.

Gangster Lures – Black & Gold Bidgee Bait
(please excuse blurry photo)

After a release and re-gather of gear, I made another cast, this time into the next tree along the bank. As the lure dropped I noticed a tap and then once beginning the retrieve I felt a more solid hit which managed to hook up. I soon netted our third and final fish, this guy being much smaller.

Gangster Lures – Black & Gold Bidgee Bait

This was the last of the fish before we packed up the kayaks and headed home. Not a firing session but both us managed at least one making it a worthwhile time kayaking some lovely river.

The Lures Used: Hydrobug Jeremiah – Purple
Gangster Lures Bidgee Bait – Black & Gold




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