No Luck On The Gold

16 09 2012

Today I managed my first day off in quite a while so of course a days fishing was in order. My plan for the day was to begin the morning targeting Redfin in a small creek and then the afternoon on the river targeting Yellowbelly.

The morning was a slow start and I hit the water a bit over two hours after I’d planned to. In a shallower reach of a larger hole I spotted a gold Carp with a school of smaller dark coloured Carp sitting just beneath. After closer examining all of the fish I notice an ugly duckling amongst them, a large Silver Perch was swimming around amongst the school of Carp. I carefully place my lure behind the school and slowly retrieve the lure along the edge of the fish. Passing the school the Carp continue on as they were and the Silver shoots out and begins to chase my small lure. In a flash the fish takes the lure and quickly darts toward me where it drops the lure and shoots off.

Missing the fish was quite a disappointment, but previously in the week I thought that I’d seen a Silver (super rare) and this just proved it for me, which lightened the situation up for me.

I had then continued on fishing the creek until after lunch for not another sign of a fish and quite a sunburn.

After a quick lunch and preparation for the afternoon session I was on my way out to the next destination. My lure of choice was a smaller, thin lure I had made a bit over a year ago called a ‘Flat Bait’. At the first hole I fished I cast towards a large rocky outcrop, my lure had only just made it to its full depth when it was hit solidly. The fish took a quick run sideways, a common Yellowbelly run, but then it surfaced to headshake showing a decent river Cod of up around 70cm. It took a bit with the lighter gear but I quickly got the fish to the bank where I grabbed a quick photo and then released it.

Pressy Lures – Flat Bait

The next cast was placed in a similar position as the last and seen a thin underbelly roll at the lure just as I began the retrieve, I quickly landed and released another Cod of around 45-50cm.

Pressy Lures – Flat Bait

Leaving the rocks as they seemed to only be producing Cod I moved into some shallower quicker flowing water with some deeper holes former by currents. My first cast through I brought the lure with the current bouncing it over the snags and then ripping it into the deeper areas. As the lure got to about a metre in front of me a reasonably large Yellowbelly flew from no where and grabbed the lure and ran with the current.

The drag was still set tight from trying to rush the Cod and the fish still managed to strip the line about 10 metres into some still water, where I managed to turn it for a moment before the lure pulled and the fish disappeared into the deeper water. After closer inspection of the lure I realised that the front treble had been ripped off, a great disappointment.

After fixing up the lure with some new hooks and split rings I continued on to a place where I’ve not found as many Cod as other areas, leaving a greater chance for a larger population of Yellowbelly. Casting towards a very fishy snag my line wraps around the front treble of the lure, causing it to foul up and not swim properly. As I drag it back twisting around on the surface to un-tangle it the water from beneath it erupts as the smaller lure is sucked in by a large Cod.

I tighten the drag up even more but the fish persists in burying itself amongst timber and running through rocks, I listen as the highly tensioned line runs and rubs against various structures. Eventually after a few tense minutes of battling a well above average river fish of ~80cm I had it at my feet for a couple of quick photos before an extremely healthy release.

Pressy Lures – Flat Bait

After releasing the fish I had to cut off about 4 metres of braid as well as get a new leader because of the amount of damage to it, one section of braid I only lightly tugged and it snapped clean. On the light gear it was amazing I kept the fish on as long as I did and a miracle that managed to land it.

Just upstream in another smaller, quick flowing hole I hooked and lost two fish in only a couple of casts. However both hit and fought as if they were Cod so I wasn’t very worried about losing them. I then managed to hook and land yet another small Cod of about 40-45cm. I quickly released this guy without a photo.

While walking back to the ute to move on and try to find somewhere with even less Cod and possibly more Yellowbelly I cast along a tree where I received two quick taps, lightening my hopes of a Yellowbelly, however the next cast through produced another little cod.

Pressy Lures – Flat Bait

After this fish I was faced with the hard but somewhat necessary decision to change lure. I did manage to tempt the one Yellowbelly which was really getting my hopes up of finding my first for the Spring and first on my own lure, but this little lure of mine was really proving to attracted too many cod which wasn’t what I was after.

After a lure change I moved on to a different location to fish the last bit of light which was left. I tried a variety of different lures from 40mm – 60mm and then a spinnerbait for the final 20 minutes but to no avail apart from one fish hooked and lost just on dark.

The Tackle Which Done The Damage

The rod and reel combo which I used today was the Snake Skin Sports spinning combo from the article Hunt For The ‘All Rounder’ Part 1′. The combo may have really got pushed with the bigger fish but still done its job perfectly and held on strong with a smooth but tough drag. The 2-4kg rating allowed for the ability to easily cast a variety of lure weights.




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