Coping With The Close

13 09 2012

The close season has seen me working almost every single day, in the goal of funding some BIG plans for the up and coming cod season. I’ve only managed two sessions since the close, one at the start of the week targeting river Yellowbelly. The result of the two hour long session was:
– 3 lures lost
– 7 new leader connections tied
– 1 cold swim
– Not one single touch or follow

And then to top it all off, once returning to the ute I managed to get  bogged and stuck in a mixture of small stones and sand. Far from a successful trip.

Luckily I also managed to get out on the water today after a morning exam. Firstly a mate of mine Josh and I headed to lake Pindari for a quick shore-based fish. However within less then an hour all hope was lost from pure frustration coming from a mixture of lures being caught, lines getting caught with the wind, rubbish everywhere and a small number of set-lines.

While on our way back from the dam we spot a mob of goats on the road, for a bit of a laugh we jumped out to chase them. The larger goats managed to make a quick escape but we did end up getting a smaller kid which was left behind.

First catch for the day..

Without giving up hope we decided to adventure along a small creek, once again having little luck. Not long before it was time to pack up I decided to downsize my lure to a small lure that I made myself over 12 months ago for chasing Bream and Bass. After a few casts I launched the lure with the wind a quite decent distance. The lure had made it just about back to my feet when I was hit, no hook up, but a first sign of fish always lightens the mood for the day.

After half a dozen casts panning around the same area with varying retrieves and as my alarm to leave went off, I was hit only a foot or two from me (standing knee deep in the water) this time with the hooks sticking as the fish ran back to the deep water. After quickly turning the fish away from any possible snags in the deeper water it actually swam past me, revealing a decent sized redfin which actually swam itself almost up the bank to beach itself, making it very easy to land.

Pressy Lures Bream Bait

At 39.3cm i didn’t have a personal best but was still very pleased with the decent fish on one of my own lures (which hadn’t yet been christened). Also managing a fish will also help to get through the long Murray Cod closed season, not to mention the many hours spent at work and school.

The combo which I used was the Snake Skin Sports combo which can be found in the article Hunt For The ‘All Rounder’ Part 1




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