The Close of 2011/12 Cod Season

8 09 2012

The end of the season certainly seems to come about much to fast and those last few weeks  see cod fisherman every where frantically getting about and trying to make the most of what is left of the season.

For me school, work and other commitments came in strong but I was able to find a way to get out for the Sunday of the close for a trek up a familiar stretch of water.

First arriving as the sun began to come up, we were definitely feeling the chilly weather. And I was certainly feeling quite less than intelligent once I had realised I didn’t pack any surface lures. However not letting this deter me I continued to fish on in the first small hole below where we had parked the car.

In only my first few casts, while Greg was still getting himself sorted, I was tapped twice along the bottom before I recieved a bit more solider of a hit from a healthy little cod.

Gangster Lures – Goby

Beginning our walk upstream everything seemed to be a bit slow with no interest from fish, even in the holes which are normally great producers. After a few snags and lost lures I made my way to upsizing to the ever faithful Severn Chances which certainly proved it’s worth with first cast getting hit hard, but to not set a hook.

Disappointed in missing what felt like a decent fish we continued upstream where the lure was taken as I floated it up to my feet right at the bank.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

After releasing this fish I had another follow me in right to the bank shortly after, however no matter what action I put into the lure, it wouldn’t hit.

Moving into some very tight water, I used some tricky casting to drag my lure over a rocky ledger mid-river which seen another cod fly up from the depths to attack the lure.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

Moving into another shallower hole we notice a fish swimming around in front of us, looking less than healthy.


Sickly Cod

After many casts past the fish with a variety of lures, Greg eventually hops in to catch it with his hands to investigate further into what is happening with the fish. After catching it with his hands we find numerous marks all over the fish.


One side


The other side

Close up of the largest mark


Marks on the tail

Mark on the head of the fish

After taking the quick photos (without handling the fish excessively) we released the fish, which swam away reasonably healthily and slowly made its way to some deeper water.

Just after releasing this fish I manage to get onto another fish, this one being the best for the day.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

With our time running out we decided to fish just one more hole, a very small and shallow back eddy formed during the floods. I climbed out along some rocks and carefully placed my first cast along a tree in the water. Only a few cranks under my lure was hit, but no hook up. The next cast was placed in the exact same place and after retrieving my lure just the same as the previous cast I was hit again, this time hooking the fish.


Hydrobug Severn Chances

After this fish we decided to begin our walk back to the vehicle, only fishing those few places which just screamed fish.

At one point I cast my lure to the opposite side of the river and Greg being smart casts his spinnerbait right on top of my line, as his spinnerbait sinks it is hit and he quickly hooks up to a fish for a few seconds before pulling the hook. Greg swears as it was his first sign of a fish all day but decides to cast back again and to his surprise it came back and managed to hook itself much more solidly this time.

After an aerobatic fight we quickly landed the fish to find that it had actually been hooked from underneath its mouth this time and actually had a ripped lip from where it had been hooked the cast before.


DC Spinnerbait

This was the final fish for the day, and sadly the last cod I had seen landed before the close of the season.

The Gear Used

Our combos being used were Banax Avalon matched with Gladiator Cape Yorker as well as a Banax Syren matched to a Banax Vanessa baitcast rod.

The lures which did do the damage were from Gnagster Lures, Hydrobug Lures and DC Spinnerbaits.




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