After School Fish

31 07 2012

After missing out on a session I was hoping to have on the weekend I took the opportunity to head out straight after school this afternoon and try to catch a few green guys.

Reaching the water I still had a gold Severn Chances tied on from a few days ago and decided that it would be a great place to start for the day. At first I cast across a quick flowing, shallow hole with only a few snags causing a bit of slower water. I timed my casts and retrieves perfectly to drag the large lure through the likely ambush points.

It was in the first half a dozen casts when my lure gets tapped a few times followed by a quick take and run. The fish was far from big but certainly was smart fighting using the current wherever it could.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

The next 2 hours didn’t even see a touch or follow. But as if a switch had been flicked right on dark (and only a small while before having to head home) the fish came on. I noticed a quick hit on the surface tight in some snags. I cast in and as my spinnerbait drops down the water column I feel a quick take, soon at my feet the lure is taken. After a quick fight the fish is back at my feet but soon  throws the lure from its mouth before I can land it.

A few more taps from a couple different snags and things went quiet again, I quickly changed back to a large hardbodied lure which made plenty of cod attracting noise and action when reefed around in the timber just under the surface. I was soon hooked up to another fish which also managed to escape my control before safely landing it.

With the countdown on and already late for leaving I made one last desperate cast which proved ‘gold’ when the lure was taken whilst paused just under the surface at my feet in full view. The fish ducked into the deeper water but was soon enough at my feet ready to have its photo taken.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

Without another cast I rushed back to get in the ute and then home on time, on my way back coming across a few small wild pigs which made certain to frighten the life out of me running from the grass at my feet.

Certainly not a bad way to spend an afternoon after school.

Now there’s only one month left in the 2011/2012 cod season and I’ve set myself a target of catching another 18 cod (16 after today) to reach a total of 150 for this season. I’ll be sure to keep as updated as possible now until the end and keep you up to date as I hopefully come closer and closer to reaching the goal.

The Gear Used:

The rod was the versatile 6’6″, 10-14lb Banax Vanessa which can be easily pulled into 2 pieces and stored easily in the cab of the ute, the reel was the exceptionally smooth and small Banax Syren which is still gutsy enough to cast lures from 130mm harbodies down to small spinnerbaits accurately into the various snags. The lure which was the weapon of choice was the Hydrobug Severn Chances in gold, my go-to colour in dirtier waters.




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