A Day Off

28 06 2012

With the teachers deciding to go on strike for the day of course my first port of call was to organise a quick fishing session. Options and time were limited due to other commitments however I managed to squeeze in some time back at the bit of water I fished a few weeks ago. This particular water is believed to be lacking of fish numbers but I managed a nice cod as well as sighting a few others last time I visited.

The morning started warmer then most and by about 8, I was at my destination and ready to hike into where I needed to go. Arriving where I first wished to fish where I had found fish the previous visit, I positioned myself to bring my spinnerbait off a gradually slopping sandy bank into a deeper rocky pool. First cast through the deeper hole I watched as a small cod of about 50cm hits me before retreating, a good start to the morning.

A quick follow up cast was thrown back to see if I could entice the fish back, but the little guy was no where to be seen. However as the lure reached my feet a very fat cod of over 80cm appears and inhales my lure and runs hard into the deeper water. But only moments in the fish spits the lure out to leave me trembling in disappointment and from the burst of adrenaline.

Now it was time for a third cast through this honey hole. I quickly place the lure up the sandbar and slowly roll it back down into the deeper pool. Just as the lure clears the drop off a quick figure appears and the line pulls tight as the fish grabs the spinnerbait and begins to run.

After securely setting the hook and turning the fish only once it throws in the towel and comes in rather docile, the cold must really been kicking in. A quick photo and a quick measure (58cm) and the fish was promptly released so I could get straight back into the water to try and find the big fella again.

Gangster Lures Bidgee Bait – 3/4oz with black half moon blade

Quickly moving back to fish the same hole I was soon to find that all the fish activity found in the first 3 casts had ceased. Flogging through the hole and other areas around it I didn’t receive so much as another follow.

With the limited time left I fished the rest of the water in the stretch to no avail, not one more fish was found apart from a few goldfish in the shallower water and a deceased catfish caught in a weed bed.

All in all I was very happy with the fish that I did get and the others I had seen. Much greater then spending the day at school.

The Gear Used:

Tackle was a Banax Avalon reel matched with a Gladiator Cape Yorker 8-10kg 1.2m kayak rod which allows for easy transportation and maneuvering amongst obstacles around the water.

The lure which got the attention was a 3/4oz black & gold Gangster Lures Bidgee Bait which had a black half moon blade. Have been interested in trying this sort of configuration for a while and with positive results first up I may have to stick to it and try it a bit more.




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