A ‘Little’ Active in Winter

21 06 2012

The winter is here which generally means that the small fish will shut off and if anything is managed they’ll generally be of greater size. However when I made it out for a few hours on the weekend that was far from the case.

The morning began with some surface fishing action where finding the fish was difficult. However after a bit of playing I soon developed a new technique which soon produced a few fish. I’ll cover this technique further in later posts after some more field testing.



As I was trying the new technique over a rockbar from what appeared to be nowhere a large fish of about 80cm erupts on the surface and swims toward me, making sure to fully show itself in the shallows in front of me before turning, running and throwing the lure from the side of its mouth. By far the best fish I’ve ever come across in this particular special stretch of water.

Soon the fish went extremely quiet and after about half an hour of fishing I couldn’t even convince even the smallest of fish to chase the lure. From here I headed straight to a small billabong where I have had some solid luck in the past. Once there I’d have two or three fish follow in at a time but not attack. A change of approach was in order so I quickly swapped over to the smallest spinnerbait I had to allow for a slow sink rate. Results soon showed themselves both in the billabong and in the river again with many small cod being caught, almost one after another.

Sadly my short time frame soon ran out but I was more then happy with the days effort fishing the freezing cold shallow water sight-casting at fish which were just not sneaky enough to hide completely. In the end I had landed 14 little guys for the trip.

The Gear Used Included:

The rod and reel combo I used was a Banax Avalon reel matched with an 8 – 10kg Gladiator Cape Yorker 1.2m kayak rod. This tough little combo was easy to maneuver through the scrubby lined banks with and is also tough enough to withstand all the conditions both getting too the water and at the water flicking any sized lure accurately under overhanging branches.

The lures used were a Hydrobug Jerimiah surface lure when I first reached the water and then later once the fish slowed down a small twin armed Wetdream Spinnerbait topped off the day with a dozen fish caught from the tight mostly shallow waters.








One response

21 06 2012

Great pic’s Joe. the second last is a great pic you must have just realesed her well done, look’s a lovely day.
Cheers Wally

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