Just What I Was After

11 06 2012

Along came the long weekend and much the same as most weekends lately I worked everyday, including the Monday. However with my shift not starting until 12 I decided that my only chance for getting out for a fish would be to get up early and try a bit of water not very known for its fishing. After much talk with many locals and a couple trips of my own I was yet to find or hear of any cod in this particular stretch of small water, but decided to give it a try nonetheless.

Awaking to an overcast sky I was pleased to notice temperatures were much more friendlier then usual. However the barometer was on the drop which dampened my hopes for the morning.

I finally reached my destination just before seven and after a short hike I was at the water. My game plan was to fish surface walking upstream until I had to turn around where I would then swap over to sub-surface for the return trip.

Walking upstream through the first few holes the water was very narrow and shallow but nice and clear. I eventually found a nice deep pool with many visible rock ledges and perfect places for a cod to hide up against.

A few casts past the first ledge I had seen and I soon had a small cod come up behind my lure and produce a boil in the water, very promising signs. However about a dozen more casts and no return. Next I spotted the perfect cod ‘home’ a deep sheltered rock outcrop with trees over head for additional shelter.

I was expecting that if any fish were to come out it would have to be of decent size, however first cast over I watch as an average size cod comes up in the clear water and hits behind the lure twice before hitting the lure on its third attempt. I quickly hook up to the fish but the hooks pull as I try to turn it away from its rocky home.

I then have only one cast back over the same place before deciding now to flick the next cast into the shallower weedy water in hope that another sneaky little cod would have a crack. Only two sets of pops on the surface before a rather large small water cod erupts on the surface and begins to run with my lure.

The fish knew exactly where to go and after a few seconds of running had buried itself amongst the nearby weed bed. I pulled at two different angles in hope to drag the fish back out but to my disappointment the hooks soon pulled from the fish and I had nothing but a clump of weed to drag to the bank.

From here I continued on upstream finding some beautiful looking holes, yet just as many shallow dried up holes. Soon it began to lightly rain on and off but I still pressed on further, now finding some larger holes, but still no more fish.

Looking upstream to a massive hole in comparison to the rest..

Sadly I quickly ran out of time and had to turn around a power on back downstream at about 8:30. Now swapping over to a large Severn Chances in purple to suit the crystal clear water.

The way back down proved as successful as most the way upstream with not even a hit or follow. Eventually I reached the same deeper hole that I dropped the fish in earlier in the morning.

Third cast out I placed my lure perfectly to run over a rock ledge running out into the deeper water. I also decided to change up my retrieve a little, retrieving quick to get the lure only about a foot off the bottom and then pause it and allow it to float only a couple inches below the surface before repeating.

As my lure floated its way up for the second time I notice a dark figure appear from no where followed by a white underbelly as the fish grabbed and rolled at my lure. This fish like the other two knew exactly what to do and headed straight for cover. However a bit of clever rod work and pulling from the right angles the fish was soon out.

Now in a bit more open water the fish took short powerful runs followed by many head-shakes that left me praying that the hooks wouldn’t come free. But eventually after some wild landing techniques I managed to land a beautifully marked, fat, healthy and very solid small water cod going a bit over legal, from a place where they’re believed not to be..

Purple Hydrobug Severn Chances

Sadly the alarm for 9:30 soon rang, which meant it was time to quickly make my way back to the place I’m meant to get picked up.

However going home I was well and truly stoked with the mornings efforts. I was able to get out and find some cod of varying sizes (and get proof) in water which is considered by many to hold very few if any of these beautiful fish.

The Set Up I Used Was:

The usual Banax Vanessa/Banax Syren combo with both the Hydrobug Severn Chances and Jerimiah Surface lures tied on the end. All I could possibly need when chasing these magnificent fish, even in the most trying of conditions and places.




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