A Slow Day With A Couple Of Mates

26 05 2012

As with almost every quick trip I go on last minute plans were made at the end of school one day to hit the river the following day. The next morning we reached the water mid-morning, a late start to the day. As we kicked the boat mid river, away from the shelter of the tree lined banks, we really noticed the strength of the Autumn wind and the cold ‘bite’ that came along with it.

Our first plan of attack was to slowly work our way down the river fishing all likely looking snags. In doing this the wind was chopping and changing direction extremely often with the passing of the low pressure system overhead. This would assist us and then turn completely against us in moments.

All of the snags first being targeted proved to be very quiet. Only the very odd fish would get aggressive enough to have a swipe at our lures. It was beginning to feel like a solid days worth of casting practice with no fish in return.

Finally the wind backed off momentarily and while my mate Harley was dragging a lure from a visible snag not far off the bank to the middle of the river he gets a few small nudges before the first solid hook up of the day to what was soon our first little cod for the trip.

Hydrobug Chaser (in the background)

Finally getting a bit of confidence running between us we persisted even longer once the wind picked up. However with the fish not playing in the cold wind and dropping barometer we soon gave in and headed further upstream into more sheltered water.

As we were pushing the boat into the narrower parts of the river I throw a stroppy cast far from the targeted snag and after swearing at myself I slowly retrieve the lure with loose arms only to be hit hard by a large fish that is only attached to the end of my line for a few seconds before the hooks are pulled. I shake, now not only from the cold winds but adrenaline as well, as I try and get him to come back but to no avail.

Eventually we reach as far as the boat will go and begin to walk. Finding large holes up further our confidence sparks again. However by about three quarters of the way up the first hole we had not seen sign of any fish activity. At this point I gave in and decide to try a new approach, a hybrid Spinnerbait/Chatterbait in fluorescent colours.

This proved to get the attention of the fish with hits at my feet on both first and second casts. However nothing stuck and we soon found ourselves at the next hole along the river.

At the bottom of the next hole I was quickly retrieving my lure to avoid the visible snags and while the spinnerbait blades were ‘bulging’ along the top I had a fish fly out from underneath and take the lure in plain view of all of us.

After a quick few laughs and a fight amongst the snags I landed my first fish for the trip which measured up around the legal mark.

Come On Spinner Chatterbait/Spinnerbait Hybrid

I was very happy after finally getting onto my first fish for the trip, now it was just left to Grant the other mate with me to get onto one for the day.

Despite being cold and hungry we continued our way upstream until we found another crossing to come back along the opposite side of the river. Soon I found a very ‘fishy’ looking set of large roots on a steep undercut bank where I threw a cast to get a few small nudges but no hook up. A few more casts back through and I was convinced the fish wasn’t returning.

As I walked away Grant flicks his small hardbody through to hook up straight away. After a rather solid fight another river cod was at the bank with a very happy Grant who had finally got onto a hard fighting cod for the day.

Small Ridgeback Lure

Now at the top of this hole we crossed the river and quickly made our way back along the bank as we had each got a fish now and were very hungry. However as the sun was getting lower I could not resist temptation to tie on a surface lure when I reached a large, snag filled, shallow area at the bottom of the first hole we had walked to.

The other two found their way across the river downstream while I had a cast around. It did not take long with  my second casting seeing a nice cod fly out from a snag and take the lure only a metre from the bank in full view. The fish put up quite an account for itself and proved very difficult to pull from its snag and land.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

A very hard fighting healthy fish, certainly compared with the others but that may have been due to being a bit bigger in size.

From here we quickly made our way back with the night settling in and our hands beginning to freeze over with temperatures getting even lower.

For all the day wasn’t very plentiful in numbers, we all managed to find at least one fish each and I even got a chance to watch one healthy river fish attack a surface lure underneath me, making for a still successful day on the water despite the fishing being slow.

The gear that I was using included:

The rod and reel combo used was my now main river fishing combo of a Banax Vanessa 6′ 6″, 10 – 14lb, 2 piece rod matched with a Banax Syren. With the colder weather moving in and generally bigger fish about I have changed over my main braided line to 40lb but have kept the 30lb ASSO leader material as it seems to hold up to any task, or fish I’m yet to face.

On the day no lures proved consistent with each lure getting a fish and then no more would follow on that lure. However the 4 lures to do the damage include Hydrobug Chaser, Come On Spinner Chatterbait/Spinnerbait, Small Ridgeback and a Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure.




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