A Change In Scenery

25 05 2012

Working on a property far up the range for a few days I rose before the sun one very cold morning to try my luck amongst the tiny mountain streams. Jumping on a quad I froze my hands beginning the journey right up the back of the property.

Reaching the first water crossing I cast to the top of the shallow pool to hook up straight away, but with a bit too much drag and one leap from the water the little slimey fella threw the hooks. Only two more casts back upstream as I dragged my lure under a blackberry bush my line soon went slack with what was hopefully a fish grabbing the lure and running towards me. Lifting the rod tip up to tighten the line I quickly set the hook, now with a bit more friendly drag. A few fast jagged runs and a leap or two later I had at the bank a nice fat small stream rainbow.

Hydrobug Skimmer

Moving on below a waterfall down stream I find the water is very dirty in the larger pool. Casting into the deeper water I feel a few consecutive taps before I’m hit extremely hard. The hooks failed to set but it sure got my heart pumping and mind wondering if there is a very large trout or very aggressive eel in the water in front of me.

From this point no matter how hard I tried or what diving lures or plastics I used the fish were very finicky, with a lot of half swipes, momentary hook ups and then drops from small trout.

Eventually I swapped over techniques a little, now fishing a small 40mm Gladiator Shiver Vibe slowly through the shallow rocks. Soon enough the fish began to play a little harder with losing a very good fish on my third cast.

Back to the top of the pool I dropped the sinking presentation into the deep water created by a back water besides a large fallen tree. Here I was straight onto another aggressive rainbow trout attempting to engulf the lure.

Gladiator Shiver Vibe

Only moments after this fish I found yet another playful little fish in the next very shallow pool, this rainbow being just a touch longer then the last.

Gladiator Shiver Vibe

With my goal set at 3 fish for the morning and the sun now up it was time I plucked the leeches from my legs and began my walk back to the quad and head off for another days work, quite happy with my above average luck on the trout.

The Tackle I Used Included:

Gladiator Snake Skin Sports Spin 7ft 2-4kg rod matched to the Banax Snake Skin Spin 800 sized reel, my ‘All Rounder’ Combo. This time using ultra light 2lb braided line and 6lb fluorocarbon leader.

The two lures which done the damage were the Hydrobug Skimmer with one lovely stream trout and the Gladiator Shiver Vibe claiming 2 hungry little trout.




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