A Very Shut Down Day

10 05 2012

Yet again a few last minute plans were tossed around between mates and soon enough I headed out with Mal, Jake and Dylan again to chase a few cod for the day.

Reaching the water mid morning we quickly kicked out and slowly worked our way upstream. The water here was crystal clear which gave us great knowledge of the structure of underwater snags and how to fish them.

However this proved to not be of any help with a couple of hours on the water and not a fish landed or even hooked. Eventually after many lure changes back and forth the odd territorial hit was being received.

Finally I cast into a very obvious snag and watch as a nice fish flies to the surface and hits the lure, without feeling a hook. I commence dragging the lure out from the snag and down deep where the fish follows the lure nudging it almost a dozen more times before finally grabbing it under the boat.

The fish pulled hard and sat deep. The fight was not overly long but was full of many powerful runs. Once getting the very healthy fish in the boat we notice that it has a rather large black spot on one side and another smaller couple on the other side.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

Following this fish everything turned for the worse once again. For about 2 hours longer we headed upstream through some tough and tight places just to get donuts. After this we decided to head the other way and take the boat further downstream and then walk a few kilometres below that.

After many hours hiking downstream the fishing proved no better with a rare touch and only one momentary  hook up as I played around with my lure in the water.

Just as the sun began to go down we changed over to surface lures and finally a bit of action came about once again. First cast by Mal in a new hole seen a hit at his feet by a fish which came back a few times but didn’t hook up.

About 5 minutes later another small fish hit behind 3 of our surface lures cast after cast before finally finding itself hooked on Mal’s lure.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

As it was getting very dark and we’d finally managed to get the second fish for the trip we called it a day and made our way home with plans to head back another day when the fish were more active.

The gear used included

Banax Vanessa 10-14lb, 6’6″ 2pc matched magnificently to a Banax Syren with 6kg Gladiator Bonzai braid and 15kg ASSO fluorocarbon leader.

Gladiator Cape Yorker (kayak rod) 1.2m, 8-10kg matched to a Banax Avalon filled with 10kg Gladiator Bonzai braid and 15kg ASSO fluorocarbon leader.

As for lures we tried all most everything in our tackleboxes at least twice through the day in an attempt to produce a fish but the lures which ended up doing the damage were a gold Hydrobug Severn Chances and a black Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure.




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