A Quick Morning Fish

10 05 2012

With my stepfather, Les, in envy of all my stories of plentiful fishing trips and surface fishing for cod in particular we organised a very early morning trip in hope to fool some green guys into ambushing our surface offerings.

Reaching the water just as the sun was rising, the morning air was very fresh. And to our disappointment the river was considerably high and after a quick test with my hand very cold even compared with the cold morning air.

The high and cold water was proving to have its effects on the fish with the first hour and a half only seeing one boil rise from beneath my lure. After another half an hour and some very cold swims to rescue hung up lures I had decided to change my means of attack and change over to a very large hardbody which would be easy for the fish to see.

Only my second cast in under some bottlebrush trees which I had flogged with a surface lure moments beforehand, I hook up. The fish strips line quickly before the line goes slack as the hooks pull. Was a relief to find an active fish but a disappointment as well with losing it.

With Les still persisting with his surface lure I cunningly cast behind his lure and retrieve my Severn Chances only about a foot and a half beneath it when an aggressive little cod flies up and attacks my lure. Bringing the fish in I grab a very quick photo, release the fish and head on further upstream.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

At the top of the small hole there was a very quick in flow which was to be expected with the high water. Paying close attention to the flow of the water and structures I identified a large rock which should have slower water behind it, making a perfect ambush point if any hungry fish were waiting for an offering to float its way downstream.

I cast upstream allowing enough time and line for the lure to position itself perfectly when I quickly pulled it down to just as quickly be hit hard by what soon became the second fish for the day squeezing in just over the legal mark, but of course went back to grow, breed and be caught again another day.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

After the release I made my way upstream to find Les on a rock which he had been fishing from for about 5 minutes without a hit. After a couple of casts I remembered Greg’s method of dragging his lure around a rock which resulted in a hat-trick of small cod so I thought I’d give it a try.

Throwing out only about 3 feet of line I drag the lure around the rock and then back around where I hear the beautiful jaw clamp of a Murray Cod followed by the fish chasing my lure and then taking one last hard hit on the way back where I managed to hook the fish securely.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

By this point Les had began cursing as he’d not received a touch all day and I had managed to catch 3 in the space of half an hour. As time was limited from here we began our short trip back to the ute and home.

With the few flicks we did have on the way home I managed the odd hit but no more fish were unlucky enough to make their way to the bank for a quick photo.

The Gear Used Included..

Banax Vanessa 10-14lb, 6’6″, 2 piece rod matched to a Banax Syren reel with 15lb Gladiator Bonzai braided line and 30lb ASSO flourocarbon leader.

The lure which ended up doing the damage was the ever so faithful Severn Chances in Gold which gives a very appetising glowing reflection in the dirtier water. Much like gold blades on a spinnerbait.




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