A Weekend With The Brother – Day 2

17 04 2012

Awakening with the sun I was rather excited to get down near the river and do a bit of exploring to find some more fish on the surface while they were still hungry for a surface feed. Greg wasn’t as quick from his swag but assured me that he’d be along shortly.

Reaching the river I find a crossing to the opposite side where I hoped to find a billabong off the river which I’d been told of in the past. A short maneuver through some obstructing trees and up and down some mounds I found exactly what I was looking for. The billabong was much larger than what I’d expected but it was surrounded by trees and no flow through it so a lot of fallen leaves and gunk had built up on the surface.

After my first cast along the surface I notice a bit of a stir at my feet. The following cast I slowly retrieve the lure to my feet where I then leave about an inch of line from the tip of the rod to the lure and jiggle the lure around on the surface. After a few jiggles and a pause a quick slurp comes from underneath. A few more quick jiggles and then another pause and the water beneath me explodes giving me a rather chilly early morning shower.

The fish turns hard and pulls very hard towards a snag not far behind it. I lock the drag up higher and battle the fish as it attempts to get into its snaggy home. Soon the fish turns and runs for deeper water where I then fight it again for a few more moments before bringing a very healthy and large billabong cod to my feet.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Without another cast I turned to head back and let Greg know of the billabong and the great surface fish I’d just managed. Finding that he was finally out of bed and already on his way I was very excited to get back to the billabong which at first he wouldn’t believe me about.

The very next cast back out across the billabong my lure is ambushed half way back by a fiery little cod which has received some recent damage.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Only walking another 10 metres along the bank I cast heavy into a lay down snag where another grumpy little cod flies out and takes my lure off the surface for my 3rd from the billabong in a short time.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Once Greg had finished throwing numerous casts through a snag and began to move on I throw my lure through the same snag and tried retrieving with sharp jerks of the rod to create a popping noise which soon got the attention of one fish which hit the next 3 casts through.
Greg returning and intrigued by the technique change asked if he could cast back through with his lure. Giving him direction on how to retrieve the lure I counted him down to the exact place the fish would hit and it did right as I said it would, but this time the hooks stuck and he landed his first for the morning.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

A couple of casts later across the hole sees another fish break the surface and throw water in the air as it takes Greg’s lure back under the water.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Walking along the billabong further Greg casts over a tree to place his lure in a very nice looking position. A few cranks to gain attention followed by a pause and then continuing his retrieve when another nice fish is fooled by the Jerimiah Surface Lure.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Only a couple of casts later Greg starts to really show that he’s making a strong comeback as we watch as a fish stalks the lure through the snags and then attacks the lure at his feet.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Once finally reaching the top of the billabong we make our way quickly along the opposite side to which we came. Stopping at one snag I am hit by a large cod which then came back again my next cast and hooked up. However only moments into the fight the hooks pull as I watch a very large billabong fish swim back into his snag and disappear.

At the next structure I slowly hop the surface lure back along some of the snag revealing itself out of the water when my surface offering is taken by another nice billabong fish, this one also coming in a bit over legal.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

After this fish we quickly made our way back to our camp to have a quick breakfast and pack up.

Once the camp was all packed up and a bit of food was in our stomachs we were back on our way, this time along the river itself. Walking along a slippery log I fall and have a thorn stab into my foot, as I’m tending to my bleeding foot Greg runs both lures back and forth in front of him in the shallow water where a small cod flies up and takes his spinnerbait.

Modified Bassman Spinnerbait

After the bleeding had slowed we made our way back along the river. Not far upstream as I watched one fish swimming in the shallows another flies from its snag and takes my lure. Unfortunately the memory card played up again here and didn’t save the pictures again.

After releasing that fish I cast toward the one I could see in the shallows which came through and hit my lure hard and fought it’s way back into a snag. Unable to shake the fish and lure from the snag I had to go for a very cold early morning swim to retrieve the lure as the fish made it’s way off the trebles.

Fishing a snag which has produced big fish on spinnerbaits for me in the past during colder months our hearts jumped as Greg’s spinnerbait was hit, only to find that a smaller cod is now also making residence in the snag.

Modified Bassman Spinnerbait

The next snag along the river I manage to produce another aggressive little cod which attacked my lure numerous times as I retrieved it through its home. Memory card problems here as well.

Casting back along where we had already fished Greg decided to fish his spinnerbait very deep along the snaggy bottom where he managed a small fish which hit hard and headed for shelter as quick as possible but with a bit of careful drag changes and  rod work he managed to fight the fish from the snag. Sadly, another photo that didn’t show up on the card.

The next hole, which was sadly the final hole we’d fish for the short morning session, I managed to produce another cod first cast up into the middle of the hole.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

Sadly this was the final fish for the morning as the trip had to be cut short for other commitments.

In total for the morning we scored 8 beautiful billabong fish on surface lures followed by another 6 great fish from the river using spinnerbaits and hardbodied lures. This took the total for the trip to 36 lovely Murray Cod with all the biggest for the trip coming off the surface.

The Gear Used Included..

Banax Vanessa 10-14lb, 6’6″, 2 piece rod matched to a Banax Syren reel with 15lb Gladiator Bonzai braided line and 30lb ASSO flourocarbon leader.

Lures used included Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure, Hydrobug Severn Chances and a Bassman Spinnerbait with large silver blades.




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