A Weekend With The Brother – Day 1

14 04 2012

The last few weekends proved successful so my brother and I headed out to trek a different stretch of river. The water had been high and was showing a lot of colour after dropping back down.  However this didn’t seem to effect the fish.

The day seemed promising with my first cast receiving a solid hit mid river and the next few casts producing hits and follows but nothing would hookup. Eventually a cast through a shallow rock bar seen a hit which stuck and the first fish of the trip was soon at the bank.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

Trekking further downstream I cast along a fallen tree in shallow water. Dragging my lure slowly along the submerged snag I start feeling the line running along limbs and the lure bib hitting timber. It is here the large timber lure with large bib comes into play as I allow my Severn Chances to float it’s way back up and over the snag. However just as the lure hits the surface it is taken by an aggressive cod which was also soon landed. Sadly there must have been a problem with the memory card as the picture of this fish didn’t save properly also happened with a couple of other fish sadly.

Fishing some shallow rocky pools Greg and I were amazed with how aggressive the fish were. We were seeing cod of only about 20cm following our large (130mm) bodied lures right in to our feet territorially hitting the sides of the lures.

While laughing about the little fish and casting back along the same path to watch them continuously attack our lures I am hit by a slightly larger, but still very small cod which was quickly photographed before commencing annoying the baby cod.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

In the next shallow rock pool I cast perfectly into a heavily shaded snag where my lure is taken from the surface by yet another small cod.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

After Greg had already seen me land a few small fish and drop plenty he finally landed another aggressive little cod which took the lure from the surface.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

As we stopped for a lunch break I cast out along a rocky outcrop where a very energetic cod would have hit my lure on towards a dozen times before finally hooking up in only inches of water at my feet.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

After lunch I headed off to find a small hole where I’ve been told a very large fish lived. After un-covering the hole I found the snag I was told he lived on and threw my cast well past it so the lure swam deep enough. The second the lure hit the water I began swearing as a small cod grabbed my lure and hooked up. I then asked Greg to cast through using a spinnerbait to try and get the big fish but he too was hooked up to a fish as soon as the lure hit the surface.

Hydrobug Severn Chances and modified Bassman Spinnerbait

Following this is where I really had my eyes opened as I witnessed something I doubt I’ll see again. Now what Greg managed to do was let a length of line about 1.5m out and sit his spinnerbait behind him in the current and drag his line under the rock he was standing on and between the rock in front of him. First time through he dropped a fish and then hooked another straight after. Then second time through he hooks another followed by a third time through he manages a third!! Yes, I witnessed my younger brother pull off the miracle of a hat-trick of cod without even casting!! Not big fish but quite an accomplishment.

Modified Bassman Spinnerbait

Modified Bassman Spinnerbait

Modified Bassman Spinnerbait

Now if a hat trick wasn’t impressive enough he thought he might as well top it off with the next fish. After telling him to cast into the shallow quick flowing water at the head of the hole he hooked up to a little bit bigger fish which he dropped at his feet. The fish disappeared into the dirty water so Greg says “I wonder how deep the water actually is.” and lowers one hand above his elbow into the water. He quickly yells at me asking to grab the rod from his other hand as he swings his now free hand into the water and along the rock where quickly lifts up a cod which he had now managed to catch by hand.

Half caught by Modified Bassman Spinnerbait and half caught by hand

Heading on further downstream, Greg really starts showing his come back by pulling another small cod from a tiny backwater alongside a set of shallow rapids.

Modified Bassman Spinnerbait

Now desperate to begin catching fish again I lob a long cast right across the next large rocky hole that we find. Situating the cast perfectly we were surprised I didn’t get a touch at all by the middle of the hole. However luckily a small cod shot out from the rock underneath us and found himself with a hook in his mouth.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

Towards the end of the next hole, the final hole we’d fish Greg casts out and gets a birdnest. After undoing the mess he managed to get in his reel he mentions that his line has moved only to find that once he added a bit more pressure it started to pull and swim off. Luckily the hook had set and he soon had yet another fish fall victim to his spinnerbait, once again with little or no effort at all.

Modified Bassman Spinnerbait

Reaching the point we had decided to turn around at Greg made a rather bold decision to swap over to a surface lure despite the sun still being high in the sky and having over 3 hours of daylight left.

On our way back Greg spots a small gap between a couple of rocks and another rock with a large grass mound growing on it. He decides to try his luck through this potential ambush point for a Murray Cod.

A somewhat text book ambush point..

First cast through and his lures waddles along with it’s plop, plop, plop action before an explosion comes from beneath the lure producing for us our first cod over legal length for the trip.

Greg's results of carefully picking his casting.
Mudeye 80mm Jointed Depthcharger

The fish was then quickly released before our long walk back to where we had set up camp.

After a few hour walk back we quickly had some dinner (tinned spaghetti and baked beans) and then decided to go and try for some more action on the surface.

Back down at the water Greg was quick to produce our first for the night with a stealthy cast in some shallow rocky water.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

The fish were proving playful at times and tough at others with every cast getting hits for a short while and then nothing for the next little while. Coming to another hole Greg caught another small fish while I dropped another two in one cast.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

Greg then throws an off cast which gets caught on a tree which has fallen into the river. I throw a long cast along the tree which sees me quickly hook up. Part way back the fish manages to tangle itself amongst some just submerged snags so as Greg retrieves his lure I order him to save mine and its fish.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

After releasing my fish Greg saves his snagged lure and places it along the snag and demands that I don’t touch his rod. Once back he manages only a couple of cranks of his reel before his lure is taken also.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

At the final pool before ending our quick surface session and heading for the swags Greg casts at a few rocks on the opposite side of the river where a fish hits just behind his lure a couple of times. After asking permission I cast in the same spot to instantly have my lure engulfed by a bit better cod  to finish the night off.

Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lure

This called for the end of the day. A total of 22 cod landed and sadly over that missed and dropped (I actually dropped 3 different fish in one cast which I wasn’t going to own up to). We were both more then excited to begin the next morning..

The Gear Used Included..

Banax Vanessa 10-14lb, 6’6″, 2 piece rod matched to a Banax Syren reel with 15lb Gladiator Bonzai braided line and 30lb ASSO flourocarbon leader. This combo is perfect for pulling apart when maneuvering through tight river with tonnes of scrub and trees making it difficult but then being able to launch long, accurate casts smoothly across the large holes you can come across.

The lures used included Hydrobug Severn Chances accounting for more fish then any other lure, a Bassman Spinnerbait which I added large blades to, Hydrobug Jerimiah Surface Lures and a Mudeye 80mm Jointed Depthcharger.

The next morning should be up shortly.




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