A Late Hike and Early Morning

10 04 2012

A few plans had been thrown around through the week but nothing had been set. It was not until late Saturday afternoon we decided to head out that night. By the time all planning had been made and gear gathered we set off at about 9:30 PM with plans to hike our way down to the sandbar we had fished in a previous weekend.

Heading down river flicking surface lures in all directions we were not encountering very much fish action at all and the fish were proving very difficult. Finally as I retrieved my lure between a few rocks that signature ‘boof’ of a Murray Cod striking surface was encountered, followed by another where the hooks finally set only to pull shortly into the fight. It may not have been much but it kept our hopes high as we trekked further down river in the near pitch black.

Finally reaching our sandy destination at 11:15PM we quickly lit a fire and set up camp. Another hours worth of surface fishing was had with a few hits and one more dropped fish but our luck was proving limited. So it was off to bed with hopes of rising early to tackle some greenfish on surface early in the morning.

Getting up just before the sun, the temperature was far from friendly so I quickly stoked the fire back up which provided just enough light for my tired eyes to see the snags along the bank opposite the camp. With the surface lure still tied on I began to attack each snag.

About 15 minutes in casting along a tree in a deeper part of the hole a loud explosion comes just behind my lure. As I let my lure sit in attempt to make it look stunned I hear Jake rustle in the tent about 30 metres downstream as the loud noise of the large surface hit woke him. After deciding I had left the lure sit for long enough I gave it a quick twitch and a second explosion emerged from beneath my lure and I was quickly on.

With a heavy fish pulling hard back towards the snag I loaded the rod up with as much pressure as I could in an attempt to turn the fish around. Sadly after a few seconds I feel the hooks pull as some of the front trebles are straightened.

With the excitement of that fish being lost the other two were quick to get up. Fishing a shallow pool downstream I get plenty of action on the surface but the hooks were having difficulty setting as the fish often hit just behind the lure.

Mal was the first to have a fish brought to the bank with a very aggressive little cod which had fallen to a rather large chatterbait.

Come On Spinner Chatterbait

After a bit more fishing the fish were proving uncooperative and with a deadline of having to leave to head home at 9 we didn’t have much time to spare. Once back at the first hole with the boat we kicked out past the first rock bar where Jake lobbed out an incredibly long cast with a giant Severn Chances lure.

Not even a second after hitting the surface and before Jake dragged it under a fish annihilated the lure from the surface. Loading up the rod we were quickly  dragged towards the fish and then in whatever direction the fish wished to go. With crystal clear water being able to see all the bottom adrenaline was quick to kick in when we finally got a very solid looking fish into view.

Bringing the fish to the boat with a hard set drag to try and ensure the fish didn’t retreat into any snags or under any rocks we would often get the fish beside the boat only to have the 4ft Gladiator Kayak rod double back over on its self as the fish stripped metres of line back out with its powerful runs.

Finally the fish was brought within netting range and was lifted into the boat. After a quick few photos this great fish was released back over board to his rocky home for another day.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

Hydrobug Severn Chances
(just the body of these lures is 130mm)

After the release of Jake’s great fish we continued on upstream. Fishing in deeper water along snags our deadline was drawing even closer and I was still yet to land a fish.

With a cast along an overhanging bottlebrush tree I was hit and then hit harder where I managed to set the hooks. After a rather quick fight another great little cod a few centimetres over legal was brought to the boat.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

Only two cast later Mal was hit in the middle of the river where he managed to get himself another little cod.

Hydrobug Jerimiah

Of course just as the fish came on the alarm went for 9 o’clock so we quickly made our way home.

However after Jake went to work Mal and I had run into a few troubles with our lifts home so we decided that we’d head back down to the river for a bit over half an hour and see if we could manage another couple of fish.

Kicking the boat out Mal worked his magic and second cast was on to another great cod which took his lure just under the surface and fought very hard.

Hydrobug Jerimiah

Further downstream as the time to head back drew closer I was getting more and more desperate to find another fish. Casting across river through some rocky structures I feel a solid hit as I let the lure float back over some underwater rock.

I followed this up with a follow up cast through the exact same spot. My rod soon doubles over as the boat is slowly dragged into the middle of the river. The fish did not seem very big but was certainly giving a great account for itself. The fight was very drawn out with the fish holding deep. After a couple of minutes an extremely healthy fish was netted, a couple of quick photos and then a quick release.

Hydrobug Severn Chances

After watching the fish swim away it was time to make our way home.


Not as many fish were caught with only 6 being landed, however the quality of the fish was much greater which helped make it a quite memorable trip over-all.

The gear used included

Banax Vanessa 10-14lb, 6’6″ 2pc matched magnificently to a Banax Syren with 6kg Gladiator Bonzai braid and 15kg ASSO fluorocarbon leader.

Gladiator Cape Yorker (kayak rod) 1.2m, 8-10kg matched to a Banax Avalon filled with 10kg Gladiator Bonzai braid and 15kg ASSO fluorocarbon leader.


The lures which caught the fish were Hydrobug Severn Chances, Hydrobug Jerimiah and Come On Spinner Chatterbait.




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