Copping a Flogging

29 03 2012

After the success of the previous weekend the 4 of us found time to get out for a few hours the following Sunday. This time fishing a different stretch of water where I was told there was near no fish. However, without seeing the area apart from maps I swore that there should be a plentiful amount of Yellowbelly (or Golden Perch) about, but Jake on the other hand who had fished it before swore there was almost no fish in that stretch.

Pushing the boat out we began our drift downstream casting into the deeper pools with a wide variety of lures. Everything from large and small hardbodies to spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and lipless crankbaits but the fish proved very difficult.

Eventually Jake got a few taps from under a tree where I followed up with a cast where I too was hit and hit again to hook up for only a second. Next it was Mal’s turn who also recieved a few bumps from what was proving to be a rather persistent territorial fish. Now it was Dillan’s turn and after a couple of casts the fish came back and smashed his lure not too far short of the boat.

The fish was quickly fought, landed, photographed and then released to fight another day.

Hydrobug Chaser

Continuing our way down in the boat we had a few taps and nudges but nothing was being overly aggressive. Eventually I convinced Jake to head to the hole I believed to be ‘Golden’.

Wadding out on a submerged sandbar which stretched right out into the river Dillan’s chaser was quick to be attacked again. This time after an extended fight a healthy little Yellowbelly was brought to our feet.

Hydrobug Chaser

After a measure and release Dillan walked back out along the sand bar where he was immediately hit the next cast followed by the next cast being smashed at his feet by yet another hard fighting Yellowbelly.

Hydrobug Chaser

After Dillan scoring 3 consecutive fish on the Chaser’s the other two made there swap over to a couple of purple Chasers while I stuck to my bigger lures chasing a ‘Cod on the Cast’.

Mal was quick into the action with being hit at the bank by a very large Yellowbelly. The follow up cast into the same spot he was hit hard halfway back this time setting the hooks and landing a fat Murray Cod. After unhooking the fish and as I measured it Mal had another cast into the same spot where he hooked up to another cod, this time the cod winning the battle with some pulled hooks. A quick cast straight back in seen the Yellowbelly from earlier smash the lure at his feet again, this time hooking him but after a while into the fight the hooks were pulled once again. What a few casts to get the adrenaline pumping.

Hydrobug Chaser

After releasing the fish Mal returned where only a few casts in, his magic worked again and he was on once again. This time to another smaller Yellowbelly.

Hydrobug Chaser

After a few more flicks another few fish were hooked and dropped. A very productive ‘Golden’ hole which proved to be a little ‘Green’ as well.

As the fish quietened off we headed off downstream. Walking the banks we found some beautiful water but the fish just weren’t playing, especially for Jake and I who were still yet to land a single fish. In fact I hadn’t had a single hit in my predicted ‘Golden’ hole.

Further downstream Jake made a cast out into the river and retrieved his lure back in under an eroded bank. Here he received a few short taps followed by a solid take and some long hard runs. With a bit of fumbling down the bank a hard fighting Eel-tailed Catfish was landed.

Hydrobug Chaser

We eventually made our way to the end of the hole, found a way to cross and began our trek back upstream. Still flicking to anywhere that looked likely but to no avail.

We soon made our way back up to the productive submerged sandbar where we had our luck earlier in the day, just from the opposite side of the river this time. Jake made his first cast where he claimed to be getting hit close to the bank. His next cast the same and the next few casts after that as well. Eventually the fish stopped just tapping and had a proper go at the lure and felt the front trebles which stuck beautifully in the side of its mouth.

Hydrobug Chaser

Sadly the trip was shortened by other commitments. Meaning this fish was the final fish caught for the trip.

This couple of hour trip while the barometer dropped seen Mal catch 1 Murray Cod and 1 Yellowbelly, Jake catch 1 Yellowbelly and 1 Eel-tailed Catfish and young Dillan come out at the lead with 1 Murray Cod and 2 Yellowbelly. Leaving myself to a depressing total of 0!

The gear used included

Banax Vanessa 10-14lb, 6’6″ 2pc matched magnificently to a Banax Syren with 6kg Gladiator Bonzai braid and 15kg ASSO fluorocarbon leader.

Gladiator Cape Yorker (kayak rod) 1.2m, 8-10kg matched to a Banax Avalon filled with 10kg Gladiator Bonzai braid and 15kg ASSO fluorocarbon leader.

The lure which truly proved its worth and was the only lure to land a fish was the good old Hydrobug Chaser in varying colours.




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