Hittin’ the river with best mate and brother – Day 2

24 01 2012

After a pretty late night of mucking around and practical jokes on Greg who fell asleep early, waking up was a long tough process however I was still up and had the other two out of their swags as the sun was coming up.

After a quick breakfast and gearing up we were quick to get to the water where straight away Greg was finding fish.

Finally the fish started playing for Shannon and I. The Obsession Spinnerbaits I was using with their triple blades certainly were getting a lot of attention however I did seem to lose a lot of fish at me own fault.

As we turned around to head back to camp we grabbed a quick photo of Shannon’s water shoes.. T’was a long painful trip back to the camp to say the least.

Also on the way back I thought I’d jump in for a quick shower and bath.

Once we got back to camp we were that starved and drained of energy we actually slept the next while off instead of fishing and packing up camp. With 19 cod for the day which brought us to 44 cod and 3 yellowbelly for the entire trip we were extremely happy with our results.

Lures used were as follows.

Shannon: His old trust Oargee 75mm Plow
Greg: FSJ (Ebay Job) and Mudeye Scout and Mohawk Small
Myself: Once again I stuck to the triple bladed Obsession Spinnerbaits with either gold, copper or the impressive looking two toned blades with skirt colours being anything black with a lighter shade.




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29 05 2012
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