Hittin’ the river with best mate and brother – Day 1

23 01 2012

With the past couple of weeks being much warmer and sunnier then the constant rain and many floods we were experiencing it was time to organise a good solid couple of days on the water. I managed to con my brother (Greg) and best mate (Shannon) to come along and we began planning around the synoptic charts so we could head get on a high and ensure a decent trip.

Reaching our destination at around half past 9 in the morning we were quick to unpack the gear. Shannon quickly put in my Mantra Noa kayak, paddled across the hole where we were to set up camp and cast along a ‘lay down’. Not even half way back to the boat his rod had bent over and he was on to what would be the first fish of the trip.

Kicking back out with Greg and I in the tinny and Shannon stealing my Noa we began our trip. Straight away Shannon hooks up, drops the fish, has another quick cast into the middle of no where and hooks up again.

Deciding that the fish were on the chew Greg tries a Mudeye Cherabin, lure more commonly associated to fishing up north, and quickly opens his account whilst violently jerking the lure around and letting it pause for a second.

Toward the top of the hole Shannon hooks up to a very small cod at the same time that Greg is hit and lands a smallish yellowbelly which has had some damage in it’s time.

Now we decided to walk a stretch of river which was new to the other two. I’m not going to give much of a commentary here as it will take forever. So I will just show you all the pictures instead.

This next fish of Greg’s took the lure off the surface the second it hit the surface in only about 25cm of water in direct sunlight.

After I cast and got caught up across the hole I walked and swam across, most water we fished was only hip deep, once I got back Greg cast where I had just been through and caught this little fella. Also that is Shannon in the background retrieving a lure.

After returning from the walk we decided to chase another yellowbelly (or two) seeing as they are actually pretty rare where we are fishing with only one ever caught before this trip. The pictures can tell the story from here too I believe.

Who needs a kayak when you’ve got an airbed?

With the day moving on we decided to rest up for a little while and then try our luck surface fishing. We were in luck with first cast seeing Greg and I getting a double hook up as well as Shannon hooking up but unfortunately dropping his fish.

With the mosquitoes coming out thick we headed back to camp to call it a day. With a total of 25 cod and 3 yellowbelly for the day we were more then pleased and anxious to get back out the next day.

Lures used were as follows.

Shannon: Oargee 75mm Plow and Kingfisher 110mm Mantis
Greg: FSJ (Ebay job) and Mudeye Cherabin and 80mm Depthcharger Jointed
Myself: Obsession Spinnerbaits (triple bladed with a black skirt mixed up with any lighter colour) as well as Hydrobug Chaser and Surface lure.

Check back soon for a report on Day 2.




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29 05 2012
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