First Two Days of the Year

5 01 2012

During the ‘silly season’ and just after I wasn’t really able to get out for much of a fish. However New Years day and the following day my brother, dad and myself did manage to get a bit of fishing in.

The 1st seen us hit a quiet little waterway which doesn’t get very much attention at all. After about 10 minutes dad manages to land one very small fish from some long reeds. (No photo as it was too small apparently).

Next up Greg casts out and recieves an awful bird nest in his reel. After he had attempted to remove it to no avail for about 5 minutes I stepped in and gave it a shot. Whilst I tried to fix his reel he proceeded to have a couple of casts with my rod and gave ‘The 3 Step‘ a crack and soon hooked up to a decent fish.

Solid cod to break in the Banax Syren reel matched with Gladiator SSS 1.8m, 4kg rod.

After this the fish shut back off and I had to admit defeat and head home.

The following day, the 2nd, Greg and I headed to another location. After fishing solidly for about 2 hours Greg manages to land one very small cod (again, way too small for a photo).

A good hour and a half later I went to a familiar snag where cod up to 90cm had been caught in the past. Casting over it about half a dozen times with my old faithful 90mm AC Invader in redfin pattern I decided to have a go at ‘The 3 Step‘ over this snag.

First cast in, the medium to quick paced one, no touch. Second cast in, jerking down and floating part way up, I was hit rather solid about half way back in. The Syren smoothly released plenty of drag as the fish fought solid, hanging very deep and I noticed it was not giving the usual fighting signs of a cod.

Soon the fish surfaced and to my surprise it was a golden perch. The first caught in over half a decade. Once finally landing the fish I noticed that this fish had a very strange shaped head, black scales in places as well as dying scales around its face.

Deformed looking 49.5cm yella on the Syren, Snake Skin Sports Combo.

That afternoon I put the Mantra Noa kayak into a river whilst the old man fished landbased.

Ready to go..

Kayaking only a short distance upstream I cast into a very fishy looking ‘lay down’ snag where I was hit solidly but sadly lost the fish early in the fight.

Headed further upstream and then back downstream the fished proved very quiet once again with only 2 follows to the kayak.

Now fishing the opposite side of the same snag I dropped the fish on earlier I cast tight into the base and retrieved slowly. As I pulled the lure from the water I noticed a small flash and then boil so I quickly cast back into the same spot. Now changing my retrieve slightly and dragging the lure down quickly, pausing and then retrieving slowly for a couple seconds I hooked up.

Only a small fish but it made sure to tangle me amongst the snags as much as possible. Luckily in the Noa I was able to angle the kayak around the different snags in the road. Soon I had the fish in the kayak.

Small fella from the Mantra Noa kayak using the Syren, SSS combo.

Not long after I think I hear a cod hit the surface only to then hear dad yelling out he was on. Here is the fish which smashed a jointed Jitterbug from underneath a willow tree.

Dad's cod off the top using a Jitterbug

Now with the scores even we decided to head off home.




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