A very late report on opening weekend

19 12 2011

Firstly I am very sorry for such a delayed report on the opening weekend.

The long awaited 1st of December, open of the the cod season, is a very big thing for me as I’m ‘chewing at the bit’ through the closed season because I’m unable to get out for a fish and this year was no different. However between work and having to venture up to Southport to pick up my latest fishing weapon a Mantra Noa kayak I was unable to hit the river until the Sunday.

Upon arriving at the river I was now aware of the affects that the latest flood, only a week beforehand, had on the river with many old snags being pushed away and new snags formed. There was even fresh flood rubbish metres up the trees and the river was still swollen, flowing hard, dirty and a very uncomfortable temperature. Conditions weren’t ideal in any way and I knew fishing would prove tough.

Pushing out the kayak I decided to paddle my way against the hard flowing waters up to the next hole where I knew of some decent back waters which may produce. A lot of effort was put in to get to the next hole for no reward with out even getting a tap, I decided to take the much easier trip back down to the large hole below where I began.

The larger hole gave the advantage of being able to sit in one place for much longer as less water was moving  through. Casting large spinnerbaits which gave out plenty of vibration and flash in these trying conditions into all likely snags I was still only receiving the occasional nudge. Once the fish had definitely tucked back away without giving even the slightest show I decided to cross the hole to a very large backwater which was rather full.

Into the backwater I seen a very fishy looking snag, so great looking I actually took a photo.

This snag just screamed cod..

With this snag in my sights and in the still, warmer backwater I knew that I should be able to find a fish. Casting a dead accurate cast in under the shade of the log near the bank I allowed for my Come On Spinner Chatterbait/Spinnerbait hybrid to sink to the bottom, I cranked the reel into gear and only about 2 feet from the snag my lure was hit hard and with a bow in my rod I was quickly being dragged in my kayak into the snag as the fish had decided to head home. Now having to try and fight the fish and drag him from his snag whilst kicking off the bank and stump in front of me I had my hands full.

After a good couple of minutes I finally began to win the fish over and draw him from his snag when he decided to take another run back toward the main hole, dragging me a good 20 metres the fish finally tired and gave up it’s long, tiring fight and I had landed not only my first fish for the season but also my first fish from the ‘yak.

Hard fighting 67cm cod, first for the season and from the new Mantra Noa kayak

Measuring at 67cm I was stoked to have my first fish for the season being over the legal limit, compared to my average sized fish of mid 50’s.. After getting a quick picture and measure I gently released this day brightening fish back to his snag I dragged him from.

The day continued to be very quiet with only getting the odd little tap and dropping of one fish. Not a very successful trip, however it was great to be able to get back out on the water and wrestle one of these beautiful fish from his snaggy residence.




One response

29 12 2011

Well Done Joe, you have to happy with that!!!

I can see the new Mantra Noa improving your fishing….excellent

Cheers Sel

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