The ‘Joe Jiggle’ or ‘JJ’

2 10 2011

This is a technique used when fishing soft plastics with a curl tail preferably. I once used this when fishing for redfin and have even managed to hook catfish with, however never really put much thought into it. Not until recently fishing plastics for flathead I was playing around with my plastic in the shallow water around me and decided I would give it a go. First cast I quickly hooked into a nice little flathead which was shortly followed by another flathead. On top of that the guy I was fishing with tried mimicking my retrieve and hooked and dropped two fish. This  is very similar to other lift and drop retrieves I just don’t incorporate as much of a lift or any pausing after reaching the bottom after each lift.
The retrieve is very simple and to me makes sense as to why it works. Here are the steps.

1. Cast your plastic to desired location and allow to sink to the bottom, this retrieve only work properly when fishing the bottom.
2. Once you have reach the bottom give your rod a quick but small flick upwards and a quick turn of the handle to wind the slack line in and allow to sink to the bottom again.
3. Repeat the same action again the moment your line has a bit of slack again from reaching the bottom. You will eventually work out a pattern and will be able to follow with this pattern quiet easily. If possible try to work your plastic left to right to cover a tiny bit more ground, which could make all the difference.

When you are giving your lure the small jerks you only want to have it move forward a few inches but still rise upward slightly. Giving the occasional pause during the pause may help get a strike, however I am not going to make any claims about this retrieve as it is new to me and I still need to look into it more and even test it on some cod with bigger lures.

My theory based behind this retrieve is that the plastics will be replicating a small minnow or crustacean which is fleeing frantically and panicking as it tries to find somewhere to hide. The constant action of the curl tail grub style plastic will give plenty of vibrations and will only need a tiny bit of action to work. Another advantage with this retrieve is that for all it is fast which allows you to put in more casts in the area it is also always working along the bottom which is where most fish targeted on plastics will be feeding.

The video demonstration.

Flathead on the 'JJ' retrieve

Another flathead caught using the 'JJ' retrieve

Cheers, Joe.




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