Winter Trek With Little Brother

13 07 2011

Yesterday morning my brother and I arose at stupid o’clock to try and get to the river as early as we could as we had planned to walk 6km of mostly rough, scrub covered river country. I seen myself having 4 very thick layers on, gloves and and a thick beanie and still shivering as it was a very white cold morning.

Frosty grass

The morning began with frozen fingers which made for some pretty shocking casts to say the least. Almost straight away I hooked onto what felt like a good fish on my newly designed ‘Cod Bait’ which was sadly dropped after a short fight.
In the next half hour fishing in whatever sun shining through to try and warm ourselves up we recieved a fair few quiet taps and bumps but not much was really having a go.

We pushed on upstream fishing what water we could. At one narrow bit of water at the top of one of the holes there was a clearing where my brother chucked his tiny lure into which was followed to his feet and hit at his feet with no hook up, he then left the lure in the water and watched the cod turn around and sit under the lure. After leaving the lure there with the cod watching on for about 10 second he gave the lure a slight twitch and the fish exploded onto it coming mostly out of the water only to spit the lure out a few metres from his feet.

After this we needed to literally get onto our hands and knees to crawl to the next holes as thick scrub and trees were all you could see around you but it was all worth is as you could come across large beautiful looking holes most too tree covered tofish or photograph but the occasional hole which had been cleared.

One of the large open holes

While fishing  some shallow rocky pools we received a few more light taps and a couple weary follows right to our feet but not a fish would hook up or come back for seconds.

Everything was quiet for hours as we pushed through rough country fishing some magnificent stretches of water both large and small. It was proving that Winter had really set in and really shutdown the fish.

After about 3 and a half hours of no signs of life from the fish I put a cast perfectly in under a tree where my ‘Cod Bait’ was quickly grabbed and fought into a snag. Now with a lure caught on a submerged log and in a fishes mouth we tried everything we possibly could short of actually swimming after certain events a few months ago. After 40 minutes Greg crossed the river and managed to dislodge the fish and lure from the snag as I landed it. Not a very big fish but first of the day and first on my new designed lures.

Pressy "Cod Bait"

Finally seeing some action lifted our hopes a little so we pushed on further knowing we still had about another 3km to go.

It turned out to be a false hope as casting perfectly into all the likely snags we got a shot at couldn’t raise another strike and being tired and sore we were getting very tempted to call it quits, but while eating lunch I made the claim that I wanted to catch one more legal sized cod before my 16th birthday.

Walking up, down and around we were finding ourselves some amazing river and talking about how we need to do the same trip again while the fish were biting.

I told Greg that if by the next bend in the river we hadn’t got another fish I would change to a big spinnerbait and try my luck. The next bend approached and keeping to what I said I threw on a 2oz Mudgutz spinnerbait with a giant plastic on the back and started flicking.

After only my second cast I got a couple of taps from a quiet fish so my hopes were lifted. Up to the next hole we went and seeing a giant old tree in the water I threw the lure in let it sink and retrieved slowly, about half way through the retrieve I decided I would let the lure sink to see how deep the hole was.

The lure must have nearly dropped into the fishes mouth because as I went to give it a crank it stopped and pulled. Where I was standing I had about a two and a half metre drop to the water and two giant trees either side of me so to have any hope of landing the fish Greg and I had to both hug around the tree and pass the rod with just our fingertips holding the rod so if the fish were to run the rod would be lost. Luckily we got the rod around the tree before the fish made it’s next run.

The fish fought strong staying on the bottom the whole fight and only giving the occasional solid headshake. I finally managed to lift the fish off the bottom and see that it was much smaller then it felt but was still a very good solid fish. I managed to get down a bank where I could land the fish safely.

Giant Mudguts Spinnerbait

After a couple quick pictures it was back in the water and it was back into it’s home. I managed my wish and got one last legal cod while I was 16.

We continued on upstream for about a kilometre to a hole where I had an accident a while back being stupid and swimming by myself when the river was high and a little shaken remembering what had happened I threw the lure part way to the other side and retrieving slowly along the bottom a small cod jumped onto my line. Landing a fish here settled my nerves a little and I think it really got on my brothers as that made the score 3 -0.

Giant Mudguts Spinnerbait

With only a few hundred metres left and only about an hour of light left we decided to finish our journey and reach our destination.

Walking on we once again found some amazing waterholes, threw some of the most accurately placed casts and still couldn’t gather any interest. Once reaching the end Greg decided we would fish on into dark as he was determined not to go home fishless but no matter what he tried or where he put it he couldn’t manage a fish as they were just too shut down and picky.

Cheers, Joe.




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13 07 2011
Slow Winter Trek With Little Brother

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