Quiet Winter Days

2 07 2011

The past two days I spent with Anthony and Jim Barnard who had ventured down from Brisbane in pursuit of Jim’s first Murray Cod and to trial some of Anthony’s ‘Deep River’ Lures.


Friday seen a late start reaching the water a bit after nine in the morning. After a quick rig up we began our days fishing. The river had recently had a fresh in it and was still running a bit high as well as being dirty and cold.

The day started off very promising with Jim hooking a cod right at the bank on his very first cast, on a lure he made himself, sadly this fish was lost. After this we decided to head upstream for a while and for a couple of hours we had very little or no signs of life from the fish. We only received some very half-hearted taps which kept us in hope for a fish to have a bit more of a go.

Around mid-day we seen a bit more action with Jim getting a hit and then a small cod hitting my ‘Big Bastard’ and then coming into the shallows next to the bank and smashing it off the top.

Pressy 'Big Bastard'

For all it was only a small fish it lifted our hopes a bit and we continued to fish on. Arriving at a point where I am normally able to pick up a fish Jim gets another hit followed by me losing a fish and then it all going quiet again.

We continued our journey walking the banks and finding our advantage points and hammering cast after cast in every direction and to every snag. After about another half an hour Jim’s rod doubles over and line begins to peel and then stop as the fish gave up. For all it was only a short lived fight Jim had done it and landed himself a 61cm cod on a ‘Deep River’ lure.

Deep River lure

By now time was starting to get the better of us and we had to begin to head back. But of course during our trek back we stopped to have a couple of casts which resulted in my ‘Big Bastard’ getting taken once again by another little cod.

Pressy 'Big Bastard'

This was the last sign of any action for the day and we called it quits at around quarter past three as I had other commitments to attend to.


This time we decided to fish another stretch of river and after arriving at around nine thirty we once again faced tough fishing with the river being below average in clarity and temperature.

The first sign of any action was about two hours in when Jim hooked a small cod over a log which was lost shortly after setting the hook.

A while after this Anthony managed to open his account on a small cod caught on one of his ‘Deep River’ lures which was cast neatly into some just visual submerged snags.

Deep River lure

Not very long after this Anthony managed yet another small cod which hit hard in open water on another of his ‘Deep River’ lures.

Deep River lure

From here we done some more exploring, had lunch and then decided to try another stretch of the river. Once we got to our destination Anthony managed a hit followed by a pretty solid hook up a couple of casts later which was sadly dropped.

We done some adventuring and fishing tight in snags, in shallow and in deep water and it was proving very difficult to find where the fish were holding and what they wanted to hit.

I eventually found a bit of open deeper water with a few submerged logs where I was able to pull a healthy little cod on my ‘Mega Guppy’.

Pressy 'Mega Guppy'

After spending about another half an hour in this area we made the decision to quickly try one final spot before ending the trip.

Once we had arrived at our next and final target I quickly managed to get a small cod which tapped at me about 6 or 7 times before finally having one last smash at my ‘Big Bastard’ only a few feet from the bank.

Pressy 'Big Bastard'

Not very long afterwards a small way downstream Anthony managed to get another cod from some submerged timber and rocks which smashed at one of his ‘Deep River’ lures.

Deep River lure

After this with very little time to spare we flogged some very fishy looking areas to try and get Jim onto his next fish but we lucked out and had to pack up and call it a day.

In the end it was a great couple of days spent on the water, just a shame that winter had set in so much and made the fish so quiet. It was also great to put Jim onto his very first cod and for all we got him with the numbers he sure had the quality. I would also like to thank Anthony and Jim for making the effort to come down to have a fish and I had a great time.

The gear that I had used was a Banax Avalon reel which has been very reliable and smooth and am yet to find a problem with. Line is 20lb Gladiator Bonzai braid which is heavy enough to fight any cod I come across but thin enough to cast a mile and some Asso Big Catch 30lb Fluorocarbon line as Leader. The rod that I used was a 1.8m 4kg Gladiator Snake Skin Sports which is a perfect rod for cod fishing as it is strong enough to launch big lures a mile yet still able to easily cast lighter lures very far and accurate.

Cheers, Joe.




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2 07 2011
Slow Quiet Winter Days

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2 07 2011
mitchell mcmaster

good stuff joe. havent spoken in a while. im wanting to try get up your way in summer so i can feature in your stories haha. your lures look like they ar doing the trick and are going nicely. now you just have to learn some paining techniques haha. talk soon buddy.


2 07 2011

Yeah mate it has been a while. Come on up I’m always happy to get out for a fish. I have no need to paint my lures that I use as what I am doing is really doing the trick for me, but to get them pretty enough for other people to want to use I will have to start on painting them.

Cheers, Joe.

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