Quiet Couple of Mornings on the River

23 05 2011


With earlier in the week recieving my new combo of a Banax Avalon reel matched to a Gladiator Snake Skin Sports 165cm 2kg rod I was super keen to give it a good test on some green fish.

The morning began with a steady get out of bed and down to the water at about 530 in the morning. Fishing was tough from the beginning with not a tap on the surface.
After flogging the first couple of holes I decided to do some exploring to find some fish as I hate to go home without a story to tell.

After no more then one quick flash under my lure and a slight bump after 3 and a half hours my chances of getting a fish were looking pathetic. Just as I was almost ready to give up I had walked to and found this hole and knew this would be where I would catch my fish.

When I seen this ahead of me I knew exactly what I would find..

I had ventured about half way up the hole to where I found a muddy bank, I stopped and had a few casts along a snag and couldn’t raise a touch. I then for the sake of it cast into the middle of nowhere in hope there was a fish or hidden snag. I was slowly retrieving my chatterbait and then letting it sink back down when I feel contact with a snag I give my rod tip a slight flick and in that motion I was smashed by a cod.

This fish hit like a monster and fought like a legend. I was well and truly thinking I was on to an amazing fish. After a very intense battle the fish had wrapped me in a snag not far from my feet. I then stripped off and walked in to my chest about to retreat, sit the rod down and try to walk further out I was relieved to feel that the fish had releases itself from the snag and was on another run.

This was the fishes final run and in it came and to my surprise the fish was a chunky just legal cod that fought and hit like it should have been at least 20cm longer then it was.

.. what I had found.

After finally catching a fish I decided it was time to begin my long walk home.


After the day befores results I wasn’t very keen on getting out of bed as early and didn’t even begin fishing until around 9 in the morning. I jumped on a bike and headed straight for a spot which nearly always produces good numbers of cod for me.

Upon arrival I fished my usual snag which has only not produced a cod or two once and after about 10 minutes it put the tally of fishless sessions on the snag to two. I then headed on my journey downstream. I recieved a solid hit and a follow after only walking about 50 metres downstream and things were beginning to seem positive.

I than continued downstream and was unable to get another hit, nor follow, things were looking beyond hopeless. So after two and a half hours of walking downstream I turned around and walked straight back to the bike.

I had decided to head downstream to a hole where earlier in the year I lost a cod that was about 90cm. I arrived and now using a Gladiator Snake Skin Sports 180cm 4kg rod I was able to launch my larger lures well out into the hole.

First cast just as I pulled the lure under the water I feel the rod load and see the roll of a very good cod and then in under a second the weight is gone. As soon as the lure was back in it was launched back out again. This time landing a touch to the left. Once again a single crank under the surface and the weight is felt and I feel it pull only to have the hooks pull after running me out into the middle of the hole.

I then continued the retrieve to be hit by constant taps and the have a fish grab the lure only about 10 metres from me and swim directly at me which meant I couldn’t set the hook and I managed to lose it as well. That was that, hardly a fish all day and I manage to lose 3 in 2 casts!!

I then hammered every part of the hole I could for about half an hour until I decided to try another place. Once again, I wasn’t going home without a story to tell.

Where I was headed was a place that after fishing it many times I had only ever once had a successful trip, but at this point I was desperate and needed to try something.

Upon arriving at the new hole I chucked a short cast across under a snag and continued to retrieve my lure as slowly as possible. As I went to let the lure float up at my feet it was engulfed by a cod which then shot up from underneath me and actually became nearly completely airborne which is extremely rare for a cod.

This fish fought rather sluggish, well it seemed that way after the fish the day before anyway. I was just cursing and wishing that I was recording so that I could have caught its jump and not just the end of the fight.

After a quick picture and measure I released the little girl back into her snag under my feet.

What a sight for sore fishless eyes.

I then had only a few casts before deciding to go home. I at least went back with some pictures and stories to tell.

Cheers, Joe.




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23 05 2011

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