Breaking In

19 05 2011

This technique isn’t for while you are actually fishing but actually comes beforehand. This is what I recommend you do for when you are using a new combo and want it to be ready to use as soon as you get to the water.
First you do the obvious and spool your new reel. I suggest using a short amount of monofilament backing line to prevent line slip and to save some braid. Using a double uni knot attach this to your braid I use Gladiator Bonzai braid which is then again connected to some ASSO Big Catch leader using what knot you prefer. Personally I use a 50 twist bimini to with an improved albright knot connecting them.

Now to begin what I refer to as breaking in.

You must now tie on something which is the same weight as the lures you intend to use. I would suggest getting a casting plug. Now to prevent any backlash you must tighten up both your magnetic brake and your cast control.

Magnetic Brake

Cast Control

The next parts of breaking in your new set up really tests your patience and can take a long time but I feel that it is necessary to really get used to your new gear and find where it is ideal to have your reel set for yourself and for the weight lures you plan to use.

Once you have tightened up your braking continue to cast how you would normally or how you now find comfortable and slowly work back your cast control and magnetic brake every 2 to 3 casts, possibly even more depending how low you plan to go, until you find where you are able to cast to your liking.

Around 3 or 4 (if you have a setting of 10) on your magnetic brake I find will give you a lengthy cast which is very accurate.  If you have a well trained thumb and steady cast you can even wind your magnetic brake right down to 1,2 or even off. This will need a lot of practice but if you can manage to handle it you will be launching super long casts in no time. Accuracy can also be gained easily with a little practice.

If your reel has centrifugal breaking it is very similar to how you do this you just wont have as much of an option and will have to pull your side plate off every few casts.

I hope that this has been of some help and you can keep it in mind for your next combo.

Cheers, Joe.




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