The 3 Step

9 05 2011

This is a technique I came across one day while the fishing was a bit slow. Turned out to be very productive and rewarding.

I was fishing a dam and could not get a touch, I then thought of some different ways to retrieve my lure, which at the time was a spinnerbait.

In the end I began following a routine where I would pic a spot, cast, let it sink to desired depth and retrieve at a moderate to quick pace. Follow it up by casting to the exact same spot (or as close as I could get), allow it to sink to the desired depth and retrieve at a medium pace but flicking the rod up and down causing the spinnerbait to bounce through the water. For the final cast I would attempt to land in the same spot again, once again allow to sink to desired depth and retrieve the spinnerbait as slow as I possibly could.

This technique I found turned out to be extremely successful turning a day with only a couple bumps into three legal sized fish. One of which was a new PB at 83cm.

But don’t get it wrong this method is not just for spinnerbaits or dams. This technique has worked time and time again in the rivers using spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, hardbodies, lipless crankbaits and even surface lures!

I will shoot a video of this technique when I get a chance and upload it.

And there you have it, a quick run down of the technique I like to refer to as the “3 step”

Cheers, Joe.




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