Short Autobiography

9 05 2011

I spent my first few years just out of Uralla, NSW. Here I was introduced to fishing by my pop, great uncle and dad. These men are the reason behind the passion for fishing I have today.
I grew up and still spend my time catching cod, catfish and redfin.

First fish caught from baiting the line, throwing it out and pulling it in myself

Catching my very first fish (redfin) on a lure at the age of 5, I fell in love with lure fishing and had gone beyond bait fishing and thought of it as a thing of the past before too long.

Since then I had moved to Ashford, NSW which only further opened up my fishing opportunities. I now have the option of many rivers and creeks and a few impoundments within 100km. However I am not a fan of the impoundments and spend nearly all of my time fishing rivers and creeks.

The Ashford area is very rich with Murray Cod and has a much better population then most areas. However the bigger fish are in smaller numbers.

Since moving to Ashford I have began to make my own fishing lures to suit local conditions and local fish.

Cheers, Joe.




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